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2Alotus(India)® is an organisation dedicated to the propagation of “Shraman Way of Life” – oldest yet alive life philosophy on this earth. The main objective of the organisation is to motivate common people to practice Shraman philosophy in their day to day life. We believe if the tenets of shraman sanskriti are understood and practiced correctly; it proves to be the shortest way to “sukha:” or peace and happiness in everyday life.

Our Mission

“धर्म कमल से आत्म कमल तक”
“Dharm kamal sē ātma kamal tak”

Wikipedia defines “Sramana” (Sanskrit: श्रमण Śramaṇa; Pali: समण samaṇa) means “seeker.” Sramanic practice and inquiry insists on the direct and authentic investigation of the experience of being human. The Pāli samaṇa Śramaṇa are postulated to be derived from the verbal root śram, meaning “to exert effort, labor or to perform austerity”. “Śramaṇa” thus means “one who strives” or “laborer” in Sanskrit and Pali.[5] .”
2Alotus(India)® aims to work along with people to find out unbiased and long term solutions of every day issues related to self, life, society & business in accord to the philosophy that was propounded by Lord Aadinath hence to enable them to grow beyond mundane and to exert for the ultimate aim of human life–“Moksh”.
This website is an attempt to bring in unison, all popular “Jinvani Sangrah” books that in general propagate “Shraman way of life”.

Other ongoing projects of 2Alotus based on the tenets of “Shraman Philosophy” are:

– A book on social change addressing very sensitive issue of rapes in our country.
– “Sharman Paathshala”- Life skills classes for the children aged between 6-16 years.
– One-on-one consultancy to people of different age groups from all walks of life.