Jai Jinendra !

With the divine bestowal of Arihants, Siddhs, Jinvani Mata and all revered Muni Sangh.

"Jinvani Sangrah" is an original web-site work, dedicated to Jain Pooja Books carrying classic traditional collection of the Poojas and Stutis composed by various scholars based on Jain Philosophy sourcing from Aagam.

This website is a standard book format in both original and Roman(English) script to enable followers with standard pronunciation and hummable audios for uniform reverence world over.

This is a humble attempt to make Jain Jinvani Sangrah available online. For our first phase of development we have taken Poojan-Paath-Pradeep as a base Book which is oldest amongst its kind, authentic and most popular Jinvani-Sangrah. It will take many versions of the website to achieve its ultimate mission.

This work is purely for the spirituio-religious purposes put forth by a not-for-profit organisation and was not possible without the blessed support of Sh. Padam Prasad ji Jain, Chairman of the publishing body of this holy- book Poojan-Paath-Pradeep.

Hearty thanks to all the supporters and motivators. May everyone who has contributed for this noble cause and who are making use of it continue to follow the footsteps towards MOKSHA with the help of "Samyak Darshan", "Samyak Gyan" and "Samyak Charitra".